Chroniken von Mythodea 2019

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The Chronicles of Mythodea is a 4-day live action role-playing game in your own tent and self-catering. After the "Beyond the Seals" it is our second spin-off event of the ConQuest, the world's largest LARP.

Like the ConQuest, the Chronicles takes place in the fictional world of Mythodea, in which an eons of old conflict rages between the five elements of creation (fire, earth, water, air and magic) and their forsaken counterparts.
While on the big summer campaign (ConQuest) the big main plot of Mythodea is pushed and in epic battles the fate of the whole world is decided, the Chronicles offers more space for background stories, single fates, as well as individual adventures

Here unfinished ConQuest stories are picked up, deepened and told to the end. Although there are also numerous fights, the focus is increasingly on quests, dangers and the history of Mythodea, which you can experience up close.

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